We are making some improvements to Crossware Mail Signature and need to move your signature database to a new location.

This change requires that you update your Office 365 connectors to ensure that your service is not interrupted.

Follow these simple steps below to update your connectors.

Step 1

Click here to update your connector by completing this automated setup process.

NOTE: This change can affect your mail flow and may take up to 1 hour to take effect. We recommend initiating this change outside of office hours.

Step 2

Click here to sign in to the Crossware Mail Signature portal and check your deployment status by clicking Admin > Deployment Status (under the Health heading).

If you do not see green ticks, please wait 15 minutes and check again.

Please ensure that all items have green ticks before you head to the final step below.

Step 3

Use this link to log in to Crossware Mail Signature and get started by selecting Signature Designer . All your signatures will be immediately available for you to edit and configure.

Please note down this new URL - it is the one you should now use to access your company signatures.

If you need any help with this process, please get in touch through our Support contact form here.