Metadata documents extend the functionality of Crossware Mail Signature.

There should only be one document created for each type of metadata.

You can set up customised forward and reply strings to detect specific text which marks the beginning of a forwarded email or reply.

Metadata Document Types

There are four options for forward/reply stings:
  1. Plain Text - applied to plain text emails
  2. HTML - applied to HTML emails
  3. iPhone - applied to email sent from an iPhone
  4. Other Domains - this option allows you to specify additional domains that are considered to be internal. They will be used to determine whether an email is internal or external. Signature blocks and Rules can be set to Internal Only or External Only and will use this setting.

To create a Metadata document go to the Admin section on the left menu > Select Metadata > Click Create New


This field is a drop-down list with the available strings available.

The application attempts to determine the start of a reply in the MIME e-mail.

The system has built in functionality for detecting a reply and forward strings, but it is not possible to hard code all the possible combinations as to where the start of a reply is. Therefore, you can add your own Metadata to the application. Please remember, in an HTML e-mail there will be HTML tags before the visible text.

Let's look at the different Key types available in more detail.

Forward Reply String (Plain Text)

This option looks for a Forward Reply String in a Plain Text email.



These strings are replacements for the iPhone reply detection.

iPhone replies take the format "On <date> at <time> <user> wrote:"

Each line must contain 3 items separated by the bar | character representing the replacement values for "On", "at" and "wrote" that appear in the specific language replies.


Other Domains

This option allows the configuration of additional email domains that are considered to be internal. Signature blocks can be configured to be used for internal or external emails.

This Metadata should contain the internet email domains which are considered internal Domains.

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