1. Click on the "+" icon again to create an outbound connector.

2. Enter the following details:

From: Microsoft365
To: Your organization’s email server

3. Click "Next"

4. Enter the Connector name and then click "Next"

5. Set the type of connector to “Only when I have a transport rule” and then click "Next".

Smart Host Details:
Crossware Production Asia Pacific

Smart Host:

Crossware Production Canada

Smart Host:

Crossware Production US

Smart Host:

Crossware Production France

Smart Host:

Crossware Production Europe

Smart Host:

Crossware Production All Regions (Please do not use the below if your Tenant has been provisioned after 25 Nov 2018)
Region Smart Host Notes
Asia Pacific Primary relay host is in Microsoft South East Asia region. Failover will take place in US then EU.
US Primary relay host is in East US region. Failover will take place in EU then AP.
Europe Primary relay host is in Europe North region. Failover will take place in AP then US.
NOTE: For a full list of smarthosts for customers provisioned after 25th November 2018, click here.

6. Click on the “+” to add the smart host name. The smart host name is ““, where xx is one of the values above. Depending on what region you are in, please use the appropriate smart host name. Once added click "Next".

7. Set the certificate name to “*” and then click "Next"

8. Add the external user (this is a user NOT part of your Microsoft 365 environment eg a gmail/hotmail/yahoo email address) to the Validate Connector screen

9. Then click "Next" again and the connector will attempt to validate the connector, and you should get the following result:

10. Click "Save"

You have now created your outbound connector. Please set up a rule to apply Crossware Mail Signature to a group of users.
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