How do I use a Customised image within a Signature Configuration?

Customised images could be a font, headshot image or a special graphic for your qualifications. All these images can be extracted and included in your Mail signature using the image library.



1. Create images of the signature name in the following format "Firstname_Lastname.gif" 



Please NOTE that the format of the file must be the same as the above, Proper Case, "_" separator, .gif.


Initially, creating 2 - 3 gifs should be ok.

2. From the Signature Configuration Menu: Go to "Images" > "New Folder" > Add description and Save Changes

3. Open the newly created Image Folder "Crossware Images" and Add the .GIF Images

4. The Newly Created Images should appear

5. From the "Admin Menu": Go to "Fields" > "Create New" > "Formula" > "Continue"

6. Settings for the Signature Image Formula Field Look Up

Lookup Name: SigImageFormula

Type: Formula

Copy and Paste the below C# code snippet into the formula Formula (C#) editor:

string strFirstName = "(!FirstName!)";
string strLastName = "(!LastName!)";

string fileName= strFirstName + "_" + strLastName +".gif";

return fileName;


7. "Send Test Email" button to Validate

Verify the format of the File Name generated is the same as the file name created in Step 1

8. From the "Admin Menu": Go to "Fields" > "Image" > "Create New" > Select Image

Field Value
Field Name CrosswareImages
Type Image
Exclude From Caching No
Image Source Mail Signature Image
Image Folder Crossware Images
Image Name Type Use another field
Image Name SigImageFormula
Image HTML Attributes border="0"

NOTE: Image will be validated at run-time

9. "Send Test Email" button to Validate

10. Verify the correct image has been sent through

11. Use this look up in your signature configurations
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