Why are signatures not being added to my emails?


Signatures not being added to your signatures can be caused by two main reasons.

(A) The issue may be caused by you not being part of the correct Microsoft 365 group.
The process of Crossware Mail Signature Setup involves the creation of two Connectors and a Mail Rule. The Mail Rule links to your chosen Microsoft 365 Group, and causes any user within this Group to have their emails passed to the Crossware Servers via the new Connectors where the correct signature is applied. The email is then returned to your server for final delivery to your recipient. Adding users to this Group will ensure that the user's emails will go to the Crossware servers and have a signature applied if one is available to that user.

1. Go to "Microsoft 365 Admin Center" > "Admin" > "Exchange" > "Recipients" > "Groups".

2. Find the CrosswareMailSignatureUsers group.

3. Check that the user is in the list of group members.

4. If they are not in the group, click "Edit", and add the new user.

When a new user is added to an Microsoft 365 group, it can take up to 15 minutes before this group is updated and this user is made available for the Crossware Mail Signature service.

If after 15 minutes the signature is still not being affixed, you can check whether the user is available in this group by using Graph Explorer:
Check out the article here.

(B) It is also possible that your signatures are not being applied due to the Signature Configuration not being assigned to that particular user.
To verify that this user's emails have been sent to Crossware for processing, you can check your email headers.

1. Open your email in a new window.

2. Go to "File" > "Info" > "Properties" and find the Internet Headers section.

3. If you see the below lines in your Headers section, then the email is passing via the Crossware Servers but there is no signature configuration assigned to the user.

X_CwesigProcessed: Y
X_CWRandom: 1
MIME_Version: 1.0

4. Please check the Crossware Mail Signature signature assignment options under Assigned to: to confirm that the signature has been assigned correctly.

If your Headers look correct and your assignment is correct, please contact us for further help
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