How do I create a copy of a Signature Block?


Whether you are testing how different versions of your signature block look or your creating a new campaign based on an existing signature block, the ability to instantly copy your signature block with one click can be very useful.
1. Log into Crossware Mail Signature and click on "Signature Designer".

2. Go to "Signature Blocks" in the sidebar menu and find the Signature Bock that you'd like to copy.

3. Hover your cursor on this Signature Block and click the symbol.

4. In the Copy Signature Block dialogue box, type in the Name for your new Block.
NOTE: Settings related to 'Applies To' and 'Security' will be reset to defaults.

5. Click "Save". Red "copied..." text should appear, then you will be automatically redirected to the list of Signature Blocks including your new block.
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