We have received Non Delivery Messages with ErrorCode=2


Please Check Your Mail Enabled Domains:

Crossware Mail Signature Services will only accept Mail enabled Domains

To check which domains are mail enabled go to "Deployment Status" > click on "WAAD Status Details"

You can use graph explorer - - to verify the Domains configured within your Tenant.

You will need Admin Access to your Tenant to run this query.

Below are the steps.

1. Goto: - then sign in with your M365 Tenant

After logging in:

2. Copy and paste the below query (see below):
See example below:

Select "api-version=1.5"

3. Click "GO", please see below as an example of the output

4. As you scroll down you should be able to see a section called "verifiedDomains".
5. Check the configured Domain within your Tenant and make sure that in the "capabilities" list "Email" is present.

If this domain does not include Email in the "capabilities" list you will need to update as follows:-

Open "0365 Admin" > Select "Domains" > select Domain you wish to update > Select change domain purpose.

Follow the Microsoft instructions to validate this domain.

To ensure this new domain has been updated edit a signature in Crossware (Microsoft will update the domains list for Crossware to use).
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