How can I trial Crossware Mail Signature for Microsoft 365?



2. Click on "Microsoft 365"


3. Sign in with your Microsoft ID

4. Work through the on boarding Steps
NOTE: If  you are not the Global Administrator we would recommend contacting your Global Admin before you proceed.

5. Step 1:  Register : Enter your  details

6. Step 2:  Permissions (Non Global Admin) : If  you are not the Global Administrator you can email Global Admin 

7. Step 2:  Permissions (Global Admin) : Grant permissions 
  • Click Accept.
  • These Keys allow us to access your Directory and to authenticate your Crossware Mail Signature Trial.

8. Step 3:  Deploy: Select a Region

9. Step 4:  Connect (Non Global Admin): Please email your Global Administrator to set up the Connectors

10. Step 4:  Connect (Global Admin): Create the Connectors either automatically (Option 1) or Manually (Option 2)

11. Step 5:  Done: Set up is complete please click Continue

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