I need assistance with the setting up of external signature, as it does not appear to be working correctly.

I have setup a signature block for an ad.

This block is set to external users and new email only.

I have added this to the signature.

When I send a test email it shows on the internal email I have as well as the Gmail account I am sending it too.

Please advise as to why this is applying to all emails and not just external users email.


Create a Rule based Signature Block.

The signature banner block will have a "Domain" Rule as a selection criteria.

Below is the Rule, which Triggers "False" if the message is sent or cc'd to an Internal User.


Below is a Signature Block, which only needs to be sent to External recipients:

The Signature Block is added to the Configuration:

Test Message sent to Internal and External Recipients:


Delivered Message after being processed by Crossware:
  • Internal - the Rule returns False, the Signature Block NOT applied

  • External - the Rule returns True, the Signature Block applied

You can find the code here
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