This article contains some helpful resources for writing HTML in emails.

For help on editing the HTML code see: Adding Your Own HTML

Web Safe Fonts

Linked Web Fonts

Not all email clients support web fonts, you can still add them to your signatures, but make sure that you include fall-back fonts for the email clients that don't support them.
How to add a web font:
1. Add the font link at the top of the html code.

2. Put the font name into the font-family style tag.
<link href=";display=swap" rel="stylesheet" />

Then in the signature code:
<div style="font-family: 'Lexend Zetta', sans-serif;">(!JobTitle!)</div>

For more info click here.

Web Safe Colours

HTML Formatting for Email Clients

For general assistance on writing HTML visit this website for tutorials

Email clients render HTML differently, the following links may help to troubleshoot any problems you may be having:

Supported CSS for each email client:

Tricks for Outlook 2016:

Email Client Marketshare
Here's a useful site which measures email opens by email client so you can see what you're designing for (note: this would have primarily measured marketing emails):

Using CSS styles

Why Preprocessors are the Enemy – Litmus
The Ultimate Guide to CSS – Campaign Monitor
Email Client CSS SupportThe Ultimate Guide to CSS – MailChimp
Google Gmail Support – Email Standards Project

General Tips

Getting consistent results in different email clients

How to ensure my signature appears correctly across different email platforms
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