What are Logs

Logs provide you vital information about the status of your Crossware tenant.

Click on Admin which is present on the Crossware Mail Signature menu on your left.

You will find three menu options for logs:
  • Service Log

  • Cache Update Log

  • Application Log

Let us understand each of them in detail:

Service Log

The Service Log will provide you detailed information about your Crossware Tenant. Following is an overview about each component.

Server Name: Tells you the name of the Crossware Server which is available in your region.

Server Status: Informs you whether the Crossware Service is UP or DOWN.

License Status: Tells you whether your license is valid and active or has expired.

Service Version: This is version of Crossware Mail Signature that is applicable to your tenant. This is a dynamic field as Crossware constantly updates the version and adds new features and enhancements periodically.

License Used: Shows you the current license key which is mapped to your Microsoft 365 Tenant name.

Cache Date: Shows the Date and Time stamp of the recent cache refresh.

Cache ID: Cache ID is the counter which tells you the number of times your cache has been refreshed to adjust the changes that you have made within the Crossware tenant. These changes could be minor adjustments to existing signature configurations or design of new rules, lookups etc.

Cache Hash: This is a hash table ID which has been used to implement the cache.

Message: Tells you the overall health of your tenant.

Cache Update Log

Here you can see the details of cache updates:


Application Log

Updated log information on Mail Signature processing.

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