We’re going to enforce a standard signature, however some people work different hours, these need to be included in the signature.


Create a field which will return the the Office Hours of a Staff Member

Below are the steps:
1. From Signature Designer Go to the Admin > Fields Section

2. Click on CREATE NEW

3. Choose Formula from the Drop Down List

4. New Field Settings

Field Name: OfficeHours
Field Type: Formula
Formula (C#): Copy and paste the code snippet attached (OfficeHoursTemplate.txt) attached into the C# Editor (see step 5 below)
Unescape Formula: No
Exclude from Cache: No

5. Update the C# Code for your own team

"Name of Person": Display Name of the Person eg "Jane Smith"

"Office Hours Go Here": Text of Hours e.g. "M W F 9-12"

default: field is set to "" but can be changed e.g "M-F 9.00-5.00"

Adding More People: Copy and Paste the Highlighted Code to above the start of the next "case" statement:


7. Test

8. Apply the Field to a Signature or Block

9. Save and Test

Confirm the Office Hours are displaying correctly.

You can find code here:
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