How can I create a formula which will render a different logo depending on the department of the sender ?


1. Create an Image Folder in the Image Library

2. Add the relevant Images to the Library (see screen capture below):

3. Create Formula Field which returns the relevant image (see code attached):

4. Create an Image Lookup
  • From the Signature Designer go to Admin > Fields
  • Click on CREATE NEW
  • Type of Field: Image

5. Image Lookup Settings
Field Name: DepartmentImages
Field Type: Image
Image Source: Mail Signature Image
Folder: Image Name Type: User another field
Image Name: HTML Attributes: border="0"
Exclude from Cache: No

6. Add the Formula Field Lookup created in Step 3, to a Signature Configuration

7. Test

IT Department

Example Message:

Distribution Department

Example Message:

You can find the code here:
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