Crossware Mail Signature is a server-based application that automatically adds your correctly branded, legally compliant, personalised and attractive signatures to all outbound emails.

These signatures may include legal disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners - randomised or specific to certain recipients.

Crossware Mail Signature can take care of your compliance needs by including appropriate disclaimers and legislative disclosure requirements on all emails as they pass through your servers.

Crossware Mail Signature lets you centrally manage the design and usage of your signature block - including logos, fonts, messages and disclaimers - using the signature configuration database. Personalised information like job title, phone number(s) and department can be pulled directly from Active Directory.

Features and Benefits


Marketing & Branding

Ensure every email features consistent, professional brand elements without requiring any user input.

Legal & Compliance

Append current, correct disclaimers to every outbound email from one central source.

Advertising & Sales

Broadcast, group, or personally target ads and messaging through your most ubiquitous channel.


Append signatures as emails are sent, eliminating local configuration and centralising control of all user sign-offs - saving time, effort and server space.

Product Brochure

To download a copy of the Crossware Mail Signature product brochure, see the following brochure:
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