The placement of a signature on an email is determined by the 'Signature Placement' setting on the Signature Configuration document.


The signature can be inserted:

  • before the start of the reply/forwarded email (Normal)
  • at the top of the email (Header)
  • at the very end of the email chain (Footer).


Detecting a reply or forwarded email

When the signature placement is set to Normal (to be inserted at the end of the current email, before the start of any previous emails on a reply/forwarded email), Crossware Mail Signature needs to detect where the current email ends and the previous email begins.

The application attempts to detect the start of the previous email by looking for "markers" in the email.


MIME Format

For a MIME reply and forwarded email, the "marker" is found by looking for specific text strings.


The identification of a "marker" can be a problem if a customised mail template is used or if the template is in a language other than English.

There may be issues for MIME emails in text/plain format. These emails do not have an easily identifiable start to the reply. Therefore, the signature may be appended to the end of the email. To avoid this you may wish to change the format of your emails to include a text/html component.

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