Before you start – things to check before you test Crossware Mail Signature for Microsoft 365

Who is going to test the software

In order to be able to create and modify signatures in the Crossware Mail Signature software, you need to be a member of one of the following groups in the Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD).

a. BUILTIN\\Administrators

b. Domain Admins

c. CrosswareMailSignatureAdmins

What information has been set up

In order to build a signature, the software will access some information from your directory. Although it isn’t strictly necessary to fill in every field, we suggest as a minimum you ensure that the following information is completed for any user involved in the test. In the table below, the first column is the name of the field in the directory – note that these are case sensitive. The second column shows the name of the ‘lookup’ within CMS.
Name of the field Name of lookup in CMS Typical entry
givenName FirstName Hello
surname LastName ABC
jobTitle Position Sales Manager
telephoneNumber Phone +64 22 2222 2222
Email Email

You may wish to add other fields via the lookups, but these will be enough for you to test the software.

Do you need any graphics

If you want to test using a company logo, social media icons or some kind of banner, make sure that any such images are as small as possible. They don’t need to be print quality in order to display well in an email. Any images can be loaded into the Image Library, or directly uploaded into the main body of the signature. Image Lookups
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