Important Notices

Please read the System Requirements before installing this product.


1. Configuration database supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
2. HTML and Plain Text emails are supported. Native Rich Text format not supported.

5.06 Features

New features include:
  • Support for Exchange 2016
  • Support for MS SQL Express 2019
  • Updated Forward Reply markers

5.01 Features

Our Signature Designer has been completely redesigned.
  • Drag and drop editor – Drag and drop directory fields and uploaded images directly into your signature as you design it.
  • Live preview of your signature – See a live preview of your signature as you update it. You can change the “To” and “From” fields to test out how it looks for different people.  
  • Reply detection updates – We’ve added additional support for more mobile devices, email clients and languages. This means that our reply detection feature works better than ever.
  • Email modifiers – You can now use modifiers to find and replace text in the body of your email, e.g. find and replace the phrase “Sent from my iPhone” in all emails.
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