The server log view can be found in the Crossware Mail Signature configuration database. The view shows a dashboard-like visual status of all the servers on which the Transport Agent runs.

It also shows the status of the license, for each of the Exchange Servers.


Overview of columns in the Server Log



The server name.

Server Status

Shows the status of the hook application. When the Transport Agent is loaded it will write to the server log record to show it is loaded. When the server shuts down it will set the flag to show it was unloaded.

License Status

The current status of the license. 0 indicates the license is OK.

Server Version

The version of Crossware Mail Signature that the server is running.

User Count

The number of users detected with an assigned signature.

Licensed Users

The number of users specified in the license key.

License Used

The license that was used when the Transport Agent started.

Cache Date

The date/time the signature configuration cache was loaded from the SQL database.

Cache ID

An incremental number indicating the cache version.

Cache Hash

A hash of the signature cache.

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