Many clients would like to continue using a signature inserted locally in Outlook and have the Legal Disclaimers and/or advertisements added only to emails that are for external recipients.

Set up the External Signature

To append signatures to external emails only, a configuration which "uses sub-signatures only" needs to be created, as the signature will be applied by a sub-signature.

This involves the following steps:

1. Create & publish* the sub-signature which will apply to emails sent by traveller only

2. Create a signature configuration and link the Traveller sub-signature to it

NOTE: The sub signature needs to be published before it can be used by the signature configuration.


Create a Sub-signature Configuration

This sub-signature should have the same signature configuration as below. The Selection is set to "External Users".

Add the external signature (e.g. disclaimer) in the signature fields:


Create the Server based Signature Configuration

  • The group used should be the same group used in the Local Signature configuration
  • On the Additional Options tab, set the Configuration to Use sub signatures only


  • Link this signature configuration to the Sub signature using the Signature Blocks button.

Only emails which have an external recipient will now get the additional sub-signature appended.

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