Version 4.0

Version 4 will introduce a new user interface, and a list of new features.

Updated User Interface

The configuration database will have a simpler, more streamlined interface. Some advanced features will initially be turned off, and only display when switched on. Additional roles will be introduced in the ACL, so that users can use different parts of the configuration database, and only see what's relevant to them.

New Features

  • Simplified configuration of signatures
  • Out of the box example signatures (Signature Templates) to get started
  • A wizard to help new users create signature configurations
  • An image library, for storing images that can be used in Look-up formulas
  • Support for inline images
  • A MIME editor for improved customised HTML emails
  • Versioning of signatures, allowing new versions of signatures to be worked on without affecting the live version
  • Ability to specify the order that Signatures are applied
  • New license key model to allow rental license keys


Future Releases

  • Support for signatures on encrypted emails
  • Support for multiple recipient emails containing different signatures. Emails sent to multiple recipients can have different signatures appended based on each individual recipient
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