Name look-ups allow you to extract data from any Domino Directory.

This look-up uses the NAMELookup functions. These functions will search across all Domino Directories configured using Directory Assistance.


Lookup View Title

View that will be used as a look-up. This is normally ($Users).

Lookup Key Type


  • Text: Static text used as the key.
  • Use Lookup: Use another lookup for the key.


Lookup Key Text


The key used to select a document from the above view.

Select Other Lookup

Another lookup is used as the key. This is normally the (!From!) lookup.

Field Name

The name of a field within the selected document that will be extracted.

Text List Separator

The characters use is the data returned is in a Text List.

Exclude from Caching

Normally, all lookups are cached in memory during the lifetime of the email. Enabling this setting will stop this caching. This is useful if the returned data is dependant of the mail formal, e.g. the email contains both a plain text and a html component.

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