This feature allows the administrator to perform find and replace on the body of the email and on individual fields within an email. You may for example choose to use an email modifier to remove the text Sent from my iPhone from all messages which are sent by mobile phone users.

Modifiers are grouped under a parent document and can be applied to a Main Signature or to individual sub-signatures.

Creating a New Mail Modifier


  • From within the esig.nsf database open the view Email Modifiers. This can be found on the navigator under the Admin section.


  • Create a new Mail Modifier.



  • Give the Mail Modifier a name and a description, and save the document.


  • Create a Mail Modifier Item by clicking the Add Modifier Item button.


  • Complete the Mail Modifier item fields.


Order Number

This field is the order in which the regular expressions are applied.


A simple description describing the purpose of this item.


The type of item.

a. Other Field

This item applies to a field in the email other than the body field. You must supply the Other field name

b. Body Field

This Item applies to the Body of the email.

Other Field Name

The field in the email in which the Regular Expression will be applied.

Regular Expression

The regular expression as defined by the ICU libraries. ICU Regular Expressions

Replace Text

The text that will replace the matches found by the regular expression. Leave this field blank if you want to delete the match.

Order Of Processing


NOTE: Care must be taken when using email modifiers in the order they are processed.

If a signature configuration and sub-signature both contain an email modifier then both email modifiers will be applied. They will be applied in the following order:

  • The other fields from the signature configuration email modifiers will be applied to the email before the signature is appended in the order set in the Order Number field.
  • The body fields will be applied to the email body of the email.
  • The other fields will be applied to the email from the first sub-signature.
  • The Body Field from the first sub-signature will be applied to the body field (including any changes applied from previous signature configurations/ sub-signatures).
  • Apply the email modifiers from any other sub-signatures.


Assigning a new mail modifier to a signature configuration or sub-signature

Signature Configuration



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