Within Crossware Mail Signature there is a feature to turn on debugging which creates a log to help resolve issues.

NOTE: When debug logging is enabled it will seriously affect system performance. We recommend it should only be enabled in a test environment, or when users are not connected to the server, e.g. after hours. It should be turned off as soon as possible.

Debug Logging


1. To enable logging from the Domino Server Console, type the command:

set configuration cwesigloglevel=2

2. Send an e-mail that will cause the issue.

3. Check the log/ console to see if the debug logs were generated.

4. Disable logging by typing the command:

set configuration cwesigloglevel=

5. Send a test e-mail to confirm that logging has been disabled.

The e-mail will generate a considerable amount of data in log.nsf, which documents every action that has taken place during the processing of each email.

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