A setting within the Lotus Notes client may affect the Internal/ External Sub-Signatures functionality

Overview of Notes mail

When an email is sent from a Lotus Notes Client, the email may be in either a Rich Text or MIME format.

If the recipient is an Internal Notes User whose Format Preference for incoming email is set to Keep in sender's format or Rich Text then the email that arrives at the domino server will be in a Rich Text Format.

If a user sends an email to an external recipient and the user's (sender) setting in their location document Format for messages addressed to Internet Addresses is set to MIME, then the email that arrives at the Domino server will be in MIME format.

If an email is sent to a mixture of internal and external users, the Notes Client will send two separate emails to the Domino server. One in Rich Text for the internal users and the other in MIME for the external users.

These two emails are processed independently but the difference between them is that the recipients field, which controls who this version of the email will be delivered to, will be different.

Crossware Mail Signature will inspect the recipients field to determine whether the Internal/ External sub-signatures will be applied.

In most cases, the Rich Text email recipients field will only contain the Internal Recipients, and the MIME email will only contain the External recipients.

NOTE: The recipients field is used by the router to determine who will receive a copy of the email. It will contain any BCC address. When the email is sent, the recipients field is removed. Both emails will contain the same SendTo and CopyTo.

Internal users may see sub-signatures appended to emails if the above conditions are not met e.g. An internal user's person document is set to prefers MIME. In this case this user would receive the MIME version of the email.

If the MIME version contained a external recipient then they would receive the email with a signature appended e.g. A users Location document is set to send emails to external recipients in Rich Text. If there is a mix of internal and external recipients then the Notes Client would only send one email in Rich Text format, all the users will be listed in the recipients field and all users would see the sub-signature.

Emails sent from other clients

Other email clients will not send separate emails in Rich Text/ MIME, they will only send one email with all users listed in the recipients field:

  • e.g. DWA/ iNotes, depending on setting will send emails in MIME regardless of recipient
  • e.g. Blackberry - Most emails from a Blackberry device are converted in Rich Text for delivery.
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