If you wish to enable users to override the default signature that is applied, and have the server append these automatically, it is possible if an internal field is set on the email message.

Crossware Mail Signature will scan all messages being processed for a field called CWUseSignature. If this field is populated, the software will append the signature assigned and will not look up the user to determine the configured default signature.

In the example below, we have shown that a toolbar button can be used. Alternatively, you may wish to place a combo box on the memo form within the mail template, and allow the user to select a signature from a predefined list, or select an agent from the actions menu. Providing the code successfully sets the field CWUseSignature the default signature configuration will be overridden.

Create a toolbar button to set a value for field "CWUseSignature"

Configure a new toolbar button within the notes client, and enter the formula as below. Ensure the field is set to the name of an existing configuration document. In this case our signature configuration document is called Org1Signature. To test this, save the toolbar settings, compose a new email message, and click the new toolbar icon. The default signature should no longer be applied.

An alternative solution would be to allow the user to select a signature from the look-up view within the signature configuration database using the formula in the attached file: picklist.txt

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