The filter formula is a global filter applied to all emails before the Internal/ External user check. This can be useful in disabling the signature application for all emails.

This filter is a Notes Formula, and is executed against the current email.



Calendar Requests

Disable the processing of all Calendar Requests.

a. Simple

@if(Form = 'Notice' | $NoteContainsIcal = '1';@False;@True)

b. With Flags for testing

@if(Form = 'Notice' | $NoteContainsIcal = '1';@Do(@SetField("CWFilter";"Y");@False);@Do(@SetField("CWFilter";"N");@True))

Message Recall

The formula below stops the application from processing Message Recall messages if the Unsign Emails option is used.

If the emails are unsigned then the following error may appear on the servers console.

@if(Form = 'Recall Request' ;@Do(@SetField("CWFilter";"Y");@False);@Do(@SetField("CWFilter";"N");@True))

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