Determining the sender of an email


The addition of a signature is based on the sender of an email. This is determined by checking the Principal field and the From field. Depending on how the email is sent, it may contain both of these fields, or it may just contain the From field.

These fields are used for determining:

  • who has sent the email
  • whether the user is an internal user
  • which configuration document to use

Who sent the email?

To determine who sent the email the following rules are followed:

1. If the Principal field is available, use this field as the name of the person who sent the email.

2. If the Principal field is blank, use the From field.

3. If the From field contains "<" and ">", take the name in between.

4. If the name in the Principal field is equal to the name of the Mail File owner, then the name in the Principal field takes precedence.

The names extracted may not be a Notes Name, it may be an internet address e.g. POP3 Clients.


Les Battersby
Les Battersby/Crossware

Is the sender an internal or external user?

Once the name has been extracted, the name will be checked against the ($Users) view in the Domino Directory. If there is no match then the email is allowed to pass without adding a signature. If there is a match the user is considered to be an internal user and the FullName (field) is extracted from the Person Document.

Which configuration document should be used?

Based on the lookup to the $Users view, the FullName field is then used at the Group Look-up stage, to apply signatures.

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