The server log view can be found in the Crossware Mail Signature configuration database. The view shows a dashboard-like visual status of all the servers for which the application is installed.

It also shows the status of the license, the server based signature hook and the esig task.


Overview of columns in the Server Log



The server name.


Shows if the extension manager hook was set to be installed.


The operating system (OS) that the application is installed on.

Server Status

Shows the status of the hook application. When the extension manager add-in is loaded it will write to the server log document to show it is loaded. When the server shuts down it will set the flag to show is was unloaded.

Task Status

Shows whether the esig task is loaded on the server.

NOTE: Task Status does not need to be running at all times

License Status

The current status of the license. This will not display issues where the number of users has been exceeded.

Server Version

The version of Crossware Mail Signature that the server is running.

CRC Check

A numeric value generated from the configuration documents AND the Group Names in the address book. This value is generated when the cache is generated. This allows administrators to determine if the configuration on all the servers is the same.


All messages the administrator needs to address.

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