Signature Ghost Attachments

Please check your configured signature for multiple attachments at the bottom of the configuration




Resolved by creating a button on the Toolbar, with the following command:

From your Lotus Notes client please do the following:

1. Go to File > Preferences > Toolbar > Customise

2. From the Customize Dialog Box > Press New > Button

3.  Copy the below formula and paste into the  Formula editor:

FIELD $FILE:=@DeleteField;

Press OK

4. The button should be available in the Toolbar 

5. Open your Crossware Mail Signature Database (esig.nsf)

Select your the published signature e.g. Danella

We then ran our button over the Published signature.

6. From the Toolbar Click on the button we created above in step 4

7. The ghost images should have been removed

8.  Retest your signature

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