Look-ups are the method of inserting user customised information into the signature.
Look-ups can extract information from Active Directory or be the result of C# script that returns a string.

New Look-up


To create a new Look-up click the New Lookup Configuration link.

This will create a New Lookup Configuration Document

Lookup Name

A descriptive name that will appear when you insert it into a signature. This must be unique.



AD Lookup

Extracts information from Active Directory. AD Look-up

Formula Lookup

A C# Script that returns a text value.Formula Lookup


Retrieves an image either from the image library or from Active Directory.

Text List Separator


This setting controls how Text Lists are formatted when returned. By default, text lists will be on separate lines when inserted into the email.

When lookups are used in other look-ups e.g. Formula, a Carriage Return/Line Feed is not suitable. Therefore a different separator can be used.

Carriage Return/Line Feed

Each entry will be on a new line.


Text items will be separated by a colon.


Text items will be separated by a tab character.

Testing Lookups


You can test your lookups using the Test Lookup button. This will send an e-mail to yourself. This e-mail will be processed by the application as it passes through the Exchange server and the look-up is evaluated.

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