Creating a Private Email


1. Create A Rule called “Private Email”

The field strCheck=”[P]” is the field CMS will search for at the beginning of the subject line of an email.

List lSubject;

string strSubject;
string strTest="";
string strCheck = "[P]";
lSubject = pEmailHeaders["subject"];
strSubject = lSubject[0];
strTest = strSubject.Substring(0,3);
if(strTest == strCheck)
lSubject[0] = strSubject.Substring(strCheck.Length,strSubject.Length-strCheck.Length);
pEmailHeaders["subject"] = lSubject;
return true;

return false;


Paste the above script into the Rule:



2. Create A Signature Configuration Called “Private Email”



Below are settings in for the Private Email Set Up Tab Should be as follows:



The Additional Options tab:

  • The Configuration field be set to Use sub signatures only


The new signature configuration needs to be moved at the top of the Signatures Configuration List


3. Test new Signature Configuration

Any email with the characters [P] at the beginning of the Subject Line should get sent – without a signature.

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