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Issues Resolved


44 - Implement Meta Data Forms

125 - Reordering sub signatures forces user back to start of page

128 - GetNamedParam failed in an empty string

149 - Uploading PNG images is not supported

150 - "Field is not found" message but no additional information

151 - No option to insert a lookup into the signature

152 - Remove Subsignature ID from linked subsignature grid.

153 - Remove Subsignature ID from Add Sub Signature Pop Up

154 - Change the Log file folder for IIS

155 - Remove Plus sign from Signature view when no sub signatures.

156 - Login screen uses only portion of domain for validating password

157 - Inline image names are given the name "TestImage"

158 - Long headers cause winmail.dat corruption

159 - Set default Transport Agent SQL Mode to SQL Authentication

160 - Uploaded images with spaces in files name do not render correctly in some clients

162 - Editing a Signatures stop the navigator from working

163 - BES emails contain odd characters

164 - Blackberry reply to email with images not detected

165 - Spelling mistake on image upload

166 - Non admins can upload to image library

168 - Colour selection does not display colours on signature configuration editor

170 - Multiple principals contain a matching Identity error

171 - Reply detected incorrectly with multiple crlfs added

172 - DIV tags do not convert to plain text crlfs

173 - Improved font and font sizes in HTML Editor

175 - Email phrase containing comma breaks Internal/External recipient detection

176 - TNEF email corrupted when not configuration applied

107 - Improved interface for Selecting Groups of users

130 - Update look and style or send test email screen

132 - Send Test button still enabled after clicking it.

133 - Implement delete functionality on all screens

134 - Improve the Image selection in signatures

146 - Delete an image from the Signature

161 - Add support for OU

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