Microsoft's Outlook for Windows Roaming e-mail signatures.
This will store user-defined signatures in the cloud rather than locally on the user’s Windows device.

The Microsoft Outlook Roaming signature feature does not impact Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365.

Crossware Mail Signature for O365 is a cloud-based service and requires no integration with any client - making it client independent. 
Users send email from any mail client (desktop, mobile, web) which then goes to Office 365 Exchange Online where Crossware Mail Signature will process the email and add the signature.

Crossware Mail Signature for O365 is an business grade solution that allows for the central management and control of signatures that include branding, marketing, disclaimers etc and therefore removes the need for users to setup their own signatures.

With Crossware - no signatures are stored or located on the client device.
Therefore, the new Microsoft Roaming Signature feature is not used or required.

Benefits of Crossware Mail Signature for O365

  • Centrally Managed for easy company-wide roll-out
  • Consistent Branding on every employee’s email
  • Marketing Banners to enable targeted campaigns to drive increased engagement
  • Save time and allow your employees to focus on their tasks
  • Custom Rules with advanced and intelligent rule builder
  • Disclaimers protecting the confidential nature of your emails.
  • Apply Signatures to emails from any device
  • Optimise Internal Communication by adding corporate messages on every internal email
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