This feature allows the administrator to perform find and replace on the body of the email and on individual fields within an email.
You may for example choose to use an email modifier to remove the text "Sent from my iPhone" from all messages which are sent by mobile phone users.
Modifiers are grouped under a parent document and can be applied to a Main Signature or to individual sub-signatures.

Create a New Modifier

1. Click on the Modifiers icon in the sidebar menu and then click on 'Create modifier'.

2. Give your modifier a meaningful name and description

3. To add a string that you want to remove click on "ADD STRING" > In the text box titled "Find", insert the string you want to search for e.g., "Sent from my iPhone" and leave the textbox titled "Replace" completely empty.

4. Remember to save your progress as you go.

5. To apply this modifier to your signatures, select the signature you want to edit or create one from scratch > click on "Advanced features such as handling plain text emails and modifying email content

6. Select your modifier, save your progress and you are good to go.

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