Create a rule called 'Private Email'

The field strCheck=”[P]” is the field CMS will search for at the beginning of the subject line of an email

Paste the following code into the CUSTOM tab of your rule.

List<string> lSubject;
string strSubject;
string strTest="";
string strCheck = "[P]";
    lSubject = pEmailHeaders["subject"];
    strSubject = lSubject[0];  
        strTest = strSubject.Substring(0,3);   
    if(strTest == strCheck)  {     
        lSubject[0] = strSubject.Substring(strCheck.Length,strSubject.Length-strCheck.Length);     
        pEmailHeaders["subject"] = lSubject;     
        return  true;  
return false;


Create a signature with the private email rule applied


Test new Signature Configuration by clicking on 'Send Test Email'

Any email with the characters [P] at the beginning of the Subject Line should get sent – without a signature.

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