Where a signature needs to be applied on a specific attribute in Windows Azure Active Directory or Active Directory (e.g. Department, Country)
Use this as a work around for Dynamic Distribution Groups (Applies to CMS M365 only)


Create the Rule

  1. Go to the Rules section > Click on Create rule > Click on the CUSTOM button

2. Add the below code to the CUSTOM section and then click SAVE.

List < string > strList=new List < string > ();
strList.Add("continuous improvement");
strList.Add("corporate services");
strList.Add("manufacturing & operations");
strList.Add("sales & marketing");
string strData;
foreach(string strItem in strList) {
if (String.Equals(strData,strItem,StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) {
return true;
return false;


Verify the Rule

1. Find a staff member who will trigger the rule.

2. Hover over the rule you want to test and click on the SEND TEST EMAIL icon.

3. Send on behalf of the relevant user

4. Verify the result

SUGGESTION:  do the reverse test - i.e. send on behalf of someone not in the group - the rule should return "false".


Apply the Configuration

Open an existing Signature Configuration or Block

1. EDIT the Signature or Block.

2. In the 'Who is this signature for?' section, expand the dropdown and click on Rule > Select the rule that you had set up earlier > click on SAVE > Click on SEND TEST MESSAGE to verify the rule is working.

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