The following steps explain how to create an icon with a personalized social media link, based on a URL in Active Directory.

If there is no personalized social media link in AD, it will default to a company URL, specified in step 2 below.

Step 1 - Look up the AD field

Create the field that will look up the corresponding field in Active Directory


Step 2 - Create a Formula field

Create the formula field which will create the URL string:

(in this example we've called it fb_conditional)


Step 3 - Create an Image field

Create an image field based on an image in the image library, so that if your image ever changes, your signatures using this field will be automatically updated.


Step 4 - The Signature

In your signature, the HTML code for the link and image is:

<a href="(!fb_conditional!)">(!IMG_Facebook!)</a>
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