Auto-Insert is a Crossware feature that runs alongside Dynamic Signatures to insert your signature automatically into your email when it is composed, or the recipient fields are updated.

Auto-Insert has two versions, each enabled by a separate Feature toggled from within the Crossware Portal - Admin Section.
These are Auto-Insert (Panel) and the standalone Auto-Insert (Standalone) referred to as Auto-Insert in the Portal. 

Auto-Inset (Panel)

This wiil run from the cached signatures within you Dynamic Signatures Panel making it faster.
This requires the Dynamic Signatures Panel to be pinned in your email client, so that context of the cached signatures is available for the feature.
This also means that your selected signature within the Panel will be used by Auto-Insert (Panel) feature.

Auto-Insert (Standalone) 

Runs separately from the Dynamic Signatures Panel and does not require the panel to be open in order to have signatures populate inside email.
Note: This will not perform as fast as the Auto-Insert (Panel) options due to no cached signature access.
This also means that it will only reflect the 'default' signature set from within the Panel, not the selected signature.
If the default signature is changed in the Panel then the user will need to recompose the email for the new 'default' signature to be applied.

These two features are mutually exclusive and cannot run simultaneously.

IMPORTANT: Currently this new Auto-Insert (Panel) feature is not automatically visible in the Portal and will need to be activated by contacting

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