The Crossware Mail Signature service is showing we are processing emails for more users than your subscribed number.

This can occur for a few reasons:

1. You have increased the number of users requiring email signatures
Resolution: Purchase subscriptions for the additional users by contacting our Sales team here.

2. You are sending more users to the Crossware Service than you have subscriptions for and the additional users do not require a signature.

Resolution: Update your Transport Rule in Microsoft Microsoft 365 Admin Centre so it is using a group that only contains users that require a Crossware Mail Signature Subscription


Check the group configured for Mail signature service only includes users requiring a signature.
1. Go to Microsoft Microsoft 365 Admin

2. Check the group in the Transport Rule - ensure this group only contains users that have a Crossware Mail Signature Subscription.

If you have users/shared mailboxes in this group that don’t need a signature create a specific group for Crossware service and move these users to another group.

Then apply the "CrosswareMSTransportRule" to this specific Group or Groups.

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