What is a Signature Block

Signature blocks are used where you wish to form an email signature from several sections. For example, you may wish to use a company wide signature block that contains personalised information, and then attach a different section incorporating a company logo and address information depending on the division each user works for. Finally, you may wish to append a company disclaimer.

In that example, you would configure a signature document for the personalised information, then attach a signature block for each division, each containing the appropriate logo, address, and a formula to determine which sub-signature to use. Finally you may wish to append a company wide disclaimer to appear at the bottom of the signature.

Signature blocks can be configured to be conditional based on whether a message is 'internal' - ie. being sent to another Outlook user within the organisation, or 'external' - ie. being sent to a user outside the organisation. In addition to this, the signature can vary based on a rule or c# script.

Signature blocks can be re-used among multiple signature configurations within your organisation.

In the diagram above, you will see two separate signature configurations - Signature 1 (made up of a main signature, corporate logo and an advert #1), and Signature 2 (made up of a main signature, corporate logo and advert #2).

To create a Signature block go here Signature Blocks
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