LDAP lookups allow you to extract data from an external LDAP Directory.


Lookup configuration fields


LDAP Config Document

Connection information to the LDAP Directory LDAP Configuration Document.

Lookup Key Type



Static text used as the key.

Use Lookup

Use another lookup for the key.

Lookup Key Text

The key used to search the LDAP Server for a matching record.

Select Other Lookup

Another lookup is used as the key.This will be a lookup that you create which acts as a link between the Domino Directory Person document and the LDAP record.

In the above example, the lookup ADName2 is a formula that uses lookups to create a key. This format of this key is dependant of the setup of Active Directory.

Some examples of a formula used to generate the key:

"(!FirstName!)" + "." + "(!LastNamed!)

This would give:


LDAP Search

The search string sent to the LDAP Directory. You can override the default 'cn=' query.

LDAP Attribute

The name of an attribute to be returned.

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