Often employees within an organisation may have multiple roles, or they may in fact work for multiple organisations, or multiple legal entities. This poses a challenge if you have different logos and legal disclaimers that need to appear on messages depending on the capacity the user is acting in.

As a user of Crossware Mail Signature, you have the ability to switch between different signature configurations by one of two methods - either by looking at the email domain of the sender, or by detecting the presence of a reserved field value within the signature.

Crossware Mail Signature by default appends the same email signature to all messages generated by a specific user.

Two suggested methods are outlined below:

1. Allow the user to override the default signature via a toolbar button

To override the default signature a tool bar icon can be configured to specify the signature to be used. This method is preferable as there is no need to modify the mail template in use. See Selecting a different email signature using a toolbar button for an outline of how to achieve this.

2. Automatically set the signature based on the senders email domain

For users who may work for different organisations and have a separate email address for each, a more appropriate method would be to select the signature depending on the location document. See Selecting a different email signature based on the senders email domain for instructions on how to configure this using the sub-signature functionality.
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