Crossware Mail Signature supports connectivity to LDAP sources. This can pose problems if the LDAP source suffers an outage or a network connectivity issue, which can result in issues when sending email messages.

Crossware Mail Signature now supports caching all look-ups in the Lookup Configuration for all users in the address book, for a group of users or an individual user. The generation of the cache is performed by the esig task.

The cache can be built and commands issued from the console.

  • load esig builduserview

This command will generate and maintain a look-up for all entries in the address book:

  • load esig builduserview

This command will generate only look-ups for an individual user or group of users:


  • load esig builduserview david spence


  • load esig builduserview CWSignatureGroup

To maintain the cached look-up a program document must be created to check for changes.


NOTE: Care should be taken to ensure that the cache for an individual user is not generated/maintained on multiple servers to minimise replication conflicts.
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