This setting on the Server Configuration document controls how the signature is selected.

In Version 2 (and the default in Version 3), when determining which Signature Configuration document the user has been assigned the application checks each signature configuration document in turn and checks the members of the group.

If the group contains additional groups then these are checked.

This method allows all groups to be used in signature selection but if there are many signature configuration documents and large amounts of nested groups, then this can show poor performance.

In Version 3, a new method of Signature Configuration selection was introduced.

The new method does not check each group but uses the ($ServerAccess) view. This returns the groups the user is a member of. The application then checks to see if any of these groups is a Server Configuration.

This method performs a lot better than the default BUT the $ServerAccess does does not list all groups. Therefore users in Mail Only type groups cannot be used.

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