The server configuration view shows the configuration documents which contain settings specific to individual servers.

You can create a default Server Configuration which will apply to all servers, which can then be overridden by a configuration document for individual servers.

If a default or specific server configuration does not exist predefined settings will be used.

The following settings are available to be set on the server configuration document:



Server Settings


1. New User Lookup

Use the $ServerAccess View for group selection

The following settings are available in V3.07 and above.

2. Allow External Users

Allow all emails to be processed, both internally generated email and externally generated email.

3. Timestamp Emails

When enabled the email will be stamped with the start times and end times that the DLL took to process the email.

This feature is not enabled by default and it can add upto 1KB to the size of an email with debugging information.

4. Filter Formula

A Global Formula which is executed on all emails to determine if they should processed.



1. Enable Group and Configuration Cache

Enabling this feature will cache Group names and the configuration documents a user has applied.
(Sub signatures are still evaluated at run time)

This cache is discarded when the Refresh Cache flag is detected or a change in the configuration is detected.

This can improve performance especially when using remote directories.

PLEASE NOTE: Rule Based Signatures or Alternate Signatures (eg signatures based on the iNetFrom field in a Location Document) may produce unexpected results if the cache is enabled.

2. Restrict User Cache.

Enabling this feature will stop the User cache documents being created for users who do not have a signature configuration document applied.


This tab contains the License keys for Version 4.

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