Shared Memory is used within the Signature application to pass information between the domino processes. There are some ini variables that can be used to change the way global memory works if there are any issues with memory.

1. Use local memory instead of shared

This setting will instruct the application not to use Global Memory, but instead for each process to allocate local memory. To activate this setting, on the Domino console, issue the command (or edit the notes.ini file):

set configuration CWLocalMem=Y

The changes will take affect the next time the server starts.

2. On the AS400/iSeries set the Shared Memory Key.

By default the application uses a pre-defined memory key. The ini variable below can be used to set a new key to use:

CWSharedMemKey=[int value]

e.g. set configuration CWSharedMemKey=1234567

For the changes to take affect you will need to restart the domino server.

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