This feature allows signatures to be appended to emails sent by external users. For example, emails from another domain may be passing through the Domino server and require a signature or disclaimer.


How this feature works


Crossware Mail Signature extracts the information from the From or Principal field (if it exists) and uses that as the key to lookup $Users in the Domino directory. All emails are processed regardless of source and destination, so if there is no match on the $Users lookup, then the email is considered to be from an external user.

If the setting is not enabled (this is the default):

If there was no match on the $Users view, the lookup has determined that the user is external, and no signature will be applied.

When this setting is enabled:

If the user is not an internal user, the content of the From field is then checked against the signature configurations to determine whether to apply a signature.

See Support for users not in Domino Directory for an example of how to use this feature.

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