Existing customers can upgrade to Version 5 of Crossware Mail Signature by following these simple steps:


1. Request a new License Key

In order to upgrade, you will need to request a new license key. Please contact Crossware Sales to request your new key. In the comments field, please let us know if your Software Maintenance and Support agreement is current or has expired. Our sales team will then get in touch with you.

2. Download the Installer

Once you have your key, download the Crossware Mail Signature Installer. 

Click the Download button below to download the Version 5 Installer.

Download Image

3. Run the Installation

Before you start, take a back up of your Crossware Mail Signature database on SQL Server. For instructions on creating a back up, see How to Create a Support Database .

Once you have taken a backup and you have downloaded the Crossware Installer for Microsoft Exchange, run it on the IIS server that you installed the web application on. Then run it on all of your other Exchange servers (if different to your IIS server). 

To complete the installation, you will need to follow the prompts.

The installer will ask you to provide your new license key, and prompts will lead you through the rest of the process. For more information about the Installer, please click here.

NOTE:The installer will not delete or modify the content of any of your signatures. It will update the application code, and may modify the tables in your database, for example add columns to a table for new features.
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