Crossware Mail Signature 4.0 incorporates important new features based on feedback from Mail Signature users, including:

Updated User Interface

The configuration database will have a simpler, more streamlined interface. Some advanced features will initially be turned off, and only display when switched on. Additional roles will be introduced in the ACL, so that users can use different parts of the configuration database, and only see what's relevant to them.

Image Lookups

A new lookup type has been added to the lookup configuration. Images can now be inserted into the images based on a lookup. As with all lookups, these can be added conditionally or based on a formula to select highly customised image selection.

Image Library

Images can be stored within the Signature Configuration new Library or be referenced from any Notes Database. This ensures images are correctly replicated to all Crossware Mail Signature servers.

Signature Ordering

Signatures can now be ordered and processed in an order determined by the administrator. This is an improvement on V3 were signatures were processed in alphabetical order.

Rule Based Signatures

The selection of a signature can now be determined by a "rule". A Rule is a Lotus Notes Formula that returns either TRUE or FALSE, this new feature includes a new editor to allow non developers to create highly complex rules.

Improved Editor for HTML Signatures

An improved editor has been added to the application to allow support for inline images in the custom HTML. Images no longer need to referenced web servers when using a custom HTML Signature.

Signature Publishing and Workflow

Signatures and Sub signatures can now be worked on in draft mode without affected the production version of signatures. Once testing has been completed, the drafts can be published.

Support for Good For Enterprise

Crossware Mail Signature can now detect replies from Good for Android and Good for iOS clients.

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