The navigator is available when the Crossware Mail Signature configuration database is opened. For any option selected, the content can be seen in the right hand pane.

Signature Configuration

Signatures: All signature documents - server and local signatures. When created, they appear in the Drafts view, and then need to be published to be used in signatures.
Sub Signatures: Sub-signatures are used to add conditional parts to signatures. They are defined here, and can be used in more than one signature.
Lookup Configuration: Formulas that extract data or images from another source (eg address book or image library) and insert into signatures.
Rules: Rules are simple TRUE/FALSE decisions based around a Notes Formula, that determine whether a signature should be applied. Rules can be used on Signature and Sub Signature configurations, and also in the filter on Server Configurations.
Image Library: enables images to be stored & maintained in one place in the config database. They can then be inserted directly into multiple signatures as inline images, or used in lookup configurations.

Local Signatures

User Configuration - Configuration document controlling the application of Local Signatures.
Blackberry Config - Connection information to the Blackberry Server.
User Logs - Contains the signatures and the installation logs for users.


Meta data - This view contains lookups for additional configuration options.
Domain Groups - All group documents used as part of the sub signature processing.
Server Configuration - Global settings for individual servers.
User Cache:
  • By Configuration - Cached Lookups for each user - by signature configuration document
  • By User - As above but sorted by user


Install Log - A log of all the servers the application has been installed on.
Server Log - A log of the status of each of the servers
NOTE: the server must have been restarted following installation to create an entry in this log


The help section contains easy access to help to get you started using Crossware Mail Signature. There is also a link to this wiki, and an email button to email support, with the option of creating a support copy of your configuration database (recommended if you have started creating signatures and need further help with those).

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